Office Spaces

Office Spaces

Designing office spaces comes with a lot of considerations. This is because office spaces should be professional, whether it is a home office or a workplace office. Creating office spaces means that you get spaces that are specifically meant for work. These spaces allow you to concentrate more, and therefore, complete tasks without distractions.

Therefore, it is important to have a working setup that has no distractions, ensuring efficiency and excellent output. This goes to furniture, colors, and lighting as well. These may seem like minor factors, but they significantly affect the efficiency of office spaces.

Best Location for an Office

If you are designing office spaces in the workplace, so it does not really matter where your office is in the place. However, if it is a home office, we suggest the south or west direction. This is because these are the areas that are reached with the most light during the day.

Doors and Windows in Office Spaces

While we will work with our clients to figure out the plan of the design, it should be noted that the entrance to an office must face the south. This is because light usually comes in from the north, which is where the windows must be. That way, there is light in the office throughout the day. Therefore, it makes sense for the entrance door to face the south.

Another thing to be noted is that you will need very large windows installed as these ensure constant light. Also, in hot weather, they provide enough fresh air. Finally, we will make sure that there are no obstacles at all in the doorways or front entrance.

Designing the Reception Area

When it comes to the reception, we always suggest to our clients that they place it strategically. This is because first impressions are everything. Therefore, it makes sense to place the reception in a well-lit area, where there are no distractions at all. Also, it should be in a place where visitors will not be an obstruction.

Desks in Office Spaces

When it comes to the reception area, we suggest anything from an equal corner to an offset corner or a peninsula work center. However, for the rest of the employees, we suggest something else different.

Other areas should have rectangular desks. This is because, first of all, they occupy less space as compared to other shapes. Secondly, these desks can hold more paperwork. On top of that, you will find that these desks can actually accommodate more people than other shapes.

Décor in Office Spaces

Now that we have discussed the basics of office spaces, we can explore office space décor. Decorating the workspace is a lot of fun. Remember, you definitely do not want yourself, or your employees, staring at dull walls all day. This does nothing but kills motivation and inspiration.

That is why you need cozy office spaces. To achieve that, we will work with you to bring forth decorating ideas that will inspire creativity and bring a lot of positivity and productivity.

Some of the things that you could add for a little touch of creativity are:

  • Some flowers or a small plant
  • Wall art
  • Cute coffee mugs
  • Colorful supplies and accessories like a stapler, mouse pad, etc.
  • A colorful calendar
  • A planner


You are going to be spending about 40 hours per week in the office. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is efficient enough, while cozy at the same time. Therefore, you need us to design an office space for you!




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