Casino Hotel / Resort

For the longest time, casino resorts have attracted a lot of tourists who are always hoping to get some huge wins. This is because casino resorts are always designed in a way that they can market the excitement, as well as flash, of gambling smartly. Just with their designs, they are able to offer world-class entertainment and dining. Therefore, these two resorts need the proper design so as to keep the attention of their guests, at the same time attracting them to the casino games.

Designs that Accommodate All Players

When designing a casino resort, it is important to understand that different types of players will be visiting the place. Therefore, its design should be able to accommodate all players, from hotel guests to casual players, and the high rollers. Also, it should be noted that men and women prefer different types of atmospheres, with women going more for less crowded areas. That means there is a science to how a casino floor is designed.

A typical casino floor should have a circular center, as well as a plan dividing the floor into quads. The first quadrant is designed in such a way that it attracts guests passing through, going outside, or to their rooms. Another quadrant is designed to attract the high roller players of the casino. The other quadrant is for casual players who usually have their eyes set on the outermost tables and slot machines.

Apart from the player and gender categories that we have mentioned before, it is also important for the designs of a casino resort to cater to the millennial population. This group of individuals usually prefers engaging and socializing with each other. Therefore, there should be a part of the casino with social table games. These include games like poker and craps.

In this space, slot machines and table games should be avoided since they are more isolated games. In fact, modern designs consider some zones that are more open, which therefore promotes interaction between players. This setup has given rise to lounges at casino resorts.

The Playground Design Layout

This layout of a casino has become the new norm. It is a design where casino floors have more space and are designed in such a way that they let in natural lighting. That way, players are excited about their surroundings and are comfortable as they play. That is why you find casino resorts having high ceilings that mimic the look of the sky or let in outdoor light. You will also find out that there is actually more space for table games and slot machines. This has the effect of making players feel at ease, which leads to more fun and more gameplay.

Slots Layout

At every casino resort, you will find that there are more slot machines than table games. Therefore, casino resorts should be designed in such a way that slots are put in clusters so that players do not sit directly next to each other. That way, they can stay and play longer. It is also very important to group slot machines together in clusters so that players are able to see what will be going on in other games around the casino.

Table Layouts

When it comes to table games, they are usually placed next to each other, at a distance. That way, players can see what is happening at the next table, thereby getting excited when the next table is experiencing a hot streak.


Designing a casino resort requires proper planning as all types of players have to be catered for. That way, it will be able to house all types of players and all sorts of games.

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